Pre-sales Knowledge for Laser Engraver

Q1: Is laser engraver safe?

laser engraver is CE, FCC and FDA certified. All laser engraver electronic components are China CCC standard certified. According to the existing international standard, the FDA classified Laserbox as a Class I laser product, meaning laser engraver is as safe as laser printers commonly used in offices and is not hazardous to the human body.

Q2: How does laser cutting work?

Laser cutting works by having a high-powered, highly-focused laser beam radiated from a laser generator run through a material, leaving a clean cut with a smooth finish. To put it more clearly, the laser beam heats the surface of a material to its melting or boiling point, and meanwhile, the high-pressure gas in line with the laser beam blows molten or vaporized materials from the cutting area. As the laser beam runs through the material, it finally leaves a cut on the material.

Q3: What types of files can be engraved by laser engraver?

Image (bitmap) engraving is a common design method. Using LightBurn, you can engrave photos or pictures (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and other formats) onto wood and medium-density fibreboard materials. Photos taken by mobile phones and most of those pictures you find on the Internet are bitmaps. Specifically speaking, bitmaps are pictures that are composed of the smallest possible units – pixels. And the image quality of a bitmap is determined by the resolution (the number of pixels per inch). A larger number of pixels per inch means a higher resolution, and a higher resolution means a better image quality.

Q4: What types of files can be laser cut by laser engraver?

Graphics (vector) cutting is a common design method. Using LightBurn, we can cut graphics, such as DXF and SVG formats, on materials like wood and acrylic. Most of the graphics designed by AI, CAD, and CorelDRAW(not contain CDR format) are vector graphics. Vector graphics consist of dots, curves, lines, rectangles, and circles, taking pictures.

Q5: How do the speed and power settings influence engravings/cuts?

For engraving:

Lower speed = Deeper engravings

Higher speed = More shallow engravings

Lower power = More shallow engravings

Higher power = Deeper engravings

For cutting:

Lower speed = Wider cuts

Higher speed = Slimmer cuts

Lower power = More shallow cuts

Higher power = Deeper cuts

Q6: Is laser engraver difficult to get started with?

Laser engraver is quite easy to get started with. From some customers' feedback, it only took them about 4 minutes to complete their first cutting/engraving project.

Besides, We comes with a User Manual that’s designed to help you quickly pick up. You can also join our Facebook groups to communicate with other laser engraver users and learn from each other.

We want to help you out whenever you run into issues.