Quick Start Guide

Packing List


Assemble Steps

  1. Tighten 8 screws M5*25mm first, two at each joint of the plates.
  2. Fix the front plate with 3 M5*i4mm and 1 M5*6mm screw
  3. User a wrench to turn the eccentric nut, to loose the distance between the upper lower guide wheels appropriately, the tight the eccentric nuts.
  4. Install the middle plate (optical shaft components)
  5. Then fix the rear plate with 4 M5*i4mm screws
  6. Put the pulley through the belt,and the insert it into the bearing
  7. Tighten the T nut and cut off the excess belt, assembly the end cup.
  8. Fit the laser on the middle plate
  9. Insert the five wire terminals as shown.
  10. Tie the wires to the machine with cable ties, so that the cable not interfere with its operation
  11. Insert the TF card into the card slot


Software Usage


  • For cutting lines, slow down the cutting speed and maximize the power as far as possible
  • For carved patterns, increase it engraving speed
  • Click framing to see the engraving trail before start, click Start if no problem is found.